ECOS™ 21 (BL21)

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> 2 x 107, 100 μl x 5 vials

> 2 x 107 cfu/μg
Recommended for:
• Recombinant protein expression
• Subcloning



Specification & Description:

This strain provides high levels of protein expression. This strain carries the lambda DE3 lysogen, which expresses T7 RNA polymerase from the lacUV5 promoter by isopropyl-1-thio-ß-D-galactopyranoside (IPTG) induction. The mutated rne gene (rne131) encodes a truncated RNase E enzyme that lacks the ability to degrade mRNA, resulting in an increase in mRNA stability. The transformation efficiency of BL21 is usually low, so the 6 minutes/ heat shock cold plating protocol is recommended if high efficiency is desired.


• Lack of Lon and Omp proteases allows high-level protein expression and accumulation
• Easy gene induction


• IPTG induced gene expression in E. coli
• Ideal for high level expression of non-toxic recombinant protein expression
using T7-based expression vectors
• Subcloning

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