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Cell Biology Products Power Your Cell Study

BioLabs International offers cell biology products designed to meet all of your research needs. Available solutions span many areas of research, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, including cell structure, organization, function and metabolism. Our products include cell ECOS, kits and solutions for many more research areas. Let our time-tested and high-quality products be the solution for your research needs.

With its high efficiency, it is suitable for cloning large plasmids and cDNA library construction, also allowing for blue-white screening

Use for:

  • Cloning / Subcloning

  • Scale-up application

  • Blue/white screening

ECOS™ X Competent Cells

Recommended for applications such as library constructions.

Efficiency > 5 x 109 cfu/μg

Product No.:   FYE610-10VL

Product No.:   FYE610-80VL

ECOS™ 101 Competent Cells

Our most popular DH5a strain for everyday cloning applications.

Comes in three efficiencies levels: 

1×108, 3×108, 1×109 cfu/μg

Product No.:   FYE607-20VL

Product No.:   FYE607-80VL

Product No.:   FYE609-10VL

Product No.:   FYE609-10VL

ECOS™ Sonic™ Competent Cells

A fast growing, high efficiency strain derived from BL21(DE3), capable of even higher levels of protein expression.

Also available in pLysS format for toxic protein expression.

Efficiency > 1 x 108 cfu/μg

Product No.:   HYE007-Sonic-5VL

Product No.:   HYE007-Sonic-20VL

Lack of Lon and Omp proteases allows for high-level protein expression


Use for:

  • IPTG induced gene expression of  toxic/non-toxic protein expression using T7-based vectors

  • Subcloning

ECOS™ 21 Competent Cells

Provides high levels of protein expression.

Carries the DE3 lysogen, which expresses T7 RNA polymerase by IPTG induction.

Comes in two efficiency levels:

 5 x 107  and  2 x 108 cfu/μg

Product No.:   FYE207-5VL

Product No.:   FYE207-40VL

Glass Plating Beads (Sterilized)

The fastest growing strain; colonies show up within 8 hours. Also carries the F’episome, which allows for blue/white screening

Use for:

  • Urgent needs cloning needs

  • Preparation of ssDNA

  • Gene library construction

  • Subcloning

ECOS™ 9-5 Competent Cells

Product No.:   FYE707-10VL

Product No.:   FYE707-80VL

Product No.:   FYE709-10VL

Product No.:   FYE709-80VL

A Tetracycline resistant strain modified to be ideal for blue/white screening

Use for:

  • Blue/white screening

  • Cloning / Subcloning

  • cDNA library

ECOS™ Blue Competent Cells

ECOS™ 10B Competent Cells

A MC1061 derivative which is Streptomycin resistant and can prevent DNA methylation

Designed to propagate large inserts in DNA library cloning

Use for:

  • Genomic library cloning

  • Large inserts

  • Cloning of methylated cytosine or adenine containing DNA

  • Blue/white screening

A Chloramphenicol resistant K12 strain deficient in both dam and dcm genes, for use with Dam or Dcm-sensitive restriction enzymes

Use for:

  • Plasmids free of Dam and Dcm methylations

ECOS™ 2163 Competent Cells